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A Win for the Library, Parking and the Community

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Curt and Karen Simmons

NOTE: We are printing this op-ed piece published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel July 14, 2019 because it is as timely today as it was two and a half years ago.

There is a perception that downtown Santa Cruz has a shortage of parking spaces. Customers come into our business, often late for their appointments, stating, “I just couldn’t find any parking.” Employees who arrive after 10 a.m. or who leave for lunch and try to get back in, often tell me, “There are no parking spaces left.” Yet an independent parking study commissioned by the City of Santa Cruz found that there is plenty of parking downtown during the peak hours. We have spot shortages, but not an overall shortage. The study found that parking supply will be adequate to meet demand ten years into the future, even with new development downtown and loss of surface parking lots....

Dr. Curt Simmons has operated Plaza Lane Optometry for 25 years. The following business owners add their names to this letter: Dr. Jennifer Buell, Plaza Lane Optometry; Patrice Boyle, Soif Wine Bar; Paul Cocking, Gabriella Café; Lisa Graham, Agile Monkey; John Hamstra, The Bagelry; Wade Hall and Matt Potter, Spokesman Bicycles; Lauren McLaughlin, Salon on the Square; Joseph Schultz, India Joze; Paul Speraw, Metavinyl, Noelle Antolin and Stuyvie Bearns Esteva, Lupulo.

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