City can use excess parking funds for needs

Letter to SC Sentinel, 12/09/2021 - A letter writer’s assertion on Nov. 12, that it’s illegal to use excess parking revenue to support community needs is incorrect.

San Francisco, for example, underwrites city parks with excess parking revenue. Boulder offers a free bus pass to downtown employees with its excess revenue. Santa Cruz could do the same and support affordable housing with parking revenue.

Tony Condotti, Santa Cruz City Attorney, was clear to the City Council. At the March 19, 2019, City Council meeting, he advised council members: “To the extent that a parking district generates revenue in excess of what’s required and to the extent the City Council makes a policy determination that those revenues are not needed to improve or increase parking, then under the Parking District law of the State of California, you are able to put those funds into the General Fund.”

— Valerie Girsh, Santa Cruz

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