Downtown Name Game

Letter to Good Times, 11/10/2021

Jacob Pierce’s front-page article “Street Fight” (GT, 11/3) gives pedestrians and cyclists downtown a boost, acknowledging the benefits a walkable and bikeable downtown will bring to everyone.

I wish that he’d be less biased about the hugely popular initiative, Our Downtown, Our Future. He even refuses to write the correct, full name of the initiative in the article.

Not journalism, Jacob, Steve and editors. The city-sponsored (Mathews’ gang) proposed mixed-use project added “an olive branch” to an atrocious parking garage and bait-and-switch Measure S library deception by adding affordable housing to the project. Good start; I’m glad power listened.

Now the voters will seal the deal with Our Downtown, Our Future. More housing, better Farmers Market, renovated historic library at Civic Center, cancelled unnecessary parking garage. Time to get the name of the initiative correct, Mr. Pierce.

— Robert Morgan, Live Oak

[The article referred to the group as “Our Downtown,” a common shorthand of the name, but should have employed the full name on first reference. This error has been corrected in the online version. — Editor]

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