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Editorial | About our Editorial Board choices on local races and measures

By Editorial Board | | Santa Cruz Sentinel October 11, 2022 at 5:00 a.m.

We’ve taken our stands on the two Santa Cruz initiatives – Yes on Measure O, which would end plans for a multi-use library/parking/housing project downtown...

But as these polarized divisions continue, the role of the news media as impartial providers of a common set of facts is ever more vital. A shared sense of truth is an essential foundation for an informed citizenry, who can have legitimate differences of opinion based on a common set of facts.

But amid our acrimonious public debates, common ground, much less objective truth, has become increasingly hard to find. The news media has too often been part of the problem, reflected in the waning trust for what we do among many Americans, especially as readers are often confused, especially online, about the differences between news stories, opinion columns and editorials.

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