Let voters decide on our proposal for downtown Santa Cruz

Updated: Jul 13

Lira Filippini

Opinion - SC Sentinel, 11/03/2021 -

Our downtown is the heart of our community. It beats with the seasons – experiencing waves of visitors, students, events, traditions, and activities. It holds much of our history and houses much of our population. The landscape of our downtown is also in a constant state of change; one that experiences waves of increased development. We are on the precipice of one such wave and as it approaches, some of us are asking – how can we best provide for our community – from the heart, without skipping a beat?

A coalition of organizations has formed a FPPC campaign committee to bring a voter’s initiative to the 2022 ballot. The Our Downtown, Our Future group has come together to propose a different plan for our downtown than the City’s current mixed-use proposal (garage-library-housing)....

Lira Filippini is a community activist and the Co-Chair of Our Downtown, Our Future.

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