Mixed-use red herrings fail the smell test

Stephen Kessler.

Op-ed in the SC Sentinel, 7/22/2022

In their zeal to overcome popular opposition to their eight-story garage-apartments attached to a two-story public library, advocates of the “mixed-use” Taj Garage Towers (newly rebranded, yet again, as the “Downtown Library & Affordable Housing Project”) have labeled opponents as anti-modern-library and anti-affordable-housing. This is shameless disinformation.

In fact, the grassroots coalition Our Downtown Our Future opposed to the mixed-use plan, who have qualified their initiative for the November ballot, are pro-modern-library and pro-affordable-housing, only not on Lot 4, current home to the weekly farmers market and the monthly Antique Faire as well as 11 heritage magnolia and liquidambar trees on the last remaining open space downtown that could become a green public plaza amid the increasing height and density of other developments.

In disparaging the 1960s-vintage Civic Center library, DLAHP proponents have relentlessly defamed it as hopelessly decrepit and beyond repair...

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