Plan doesn't find library expansion necessary

Letter to the SC Sentinel, 3/27/2022

After reading through Measure S, specifying build new “when necessary,” I took a look back at the 2014-23 SCPL master facilities plan: “Although the master plan does not find that the Downtown Library needs to be expanded, due to the age and condition of the building the Attain plan strongly recommends extensive renovation or full replacement. Major renovation would replace most of the 45-year-old building’s aging systems, upgrade interior (and possibly exterior) finishes, and upgrade the building to meet current codes; the project could also include major reorganization of the interior to create new spaces, enhance operational efficiency, and improve customer wayfinding (p.43).”

“Renovation or replacement” does not mean that all-new construction is necessary at a different location. It simply isn’t. Renovate the library at its historic location in our civic plaza, keep the farmers market where it is and yes, build affordable housing on City Lot 7.

— Kristen Sandel, Ben Lomond

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