Promoting automobilism with parking garage

Letter to SC Sentinel, 12/15/2021 - There are reasonable-sounding rationales for adding a large parking garage to a downtown library upgrade. But this proposed major expenditure to solidify one mode of transportation (the automobile, our county’s biggest source of climate-ruinous emissions), is for me a saddening red-flag signal that certain public officials are not helping us transform to a more climate-friendly, sustainable transportation system.

Let’s become more like Groningen, Netherlands, where they build parking garages for bicycles, shrinking the urban spaces consumed by cars. They enjoy the healthy quality of life and economy downtown that flows from a greater mode share for bicycles than cars.

Automobilism is an excessive, unhealthy, and addictive reliance on cars. With two large and costly downtown parking garages already added in recent decades for the privileged benefit of those who would drive cars downtown, indebting to another garage of 300-plus spaces would not be any gift to the future.

— Jack Nelson, Santa Cruz

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