Put the library multi-use plan to November vote

Letter to SC Sentinel, 12/12/2021 - If you look at the agenda for City Council’s meeting on Tuesday, you’ll see that there’s a plan to discuss changes to the parking garage/new library project. Again. Aware of the resistance to the current plan, a multi-story garage, new library underneath or on the side, 50 or 103 affordable units, the old library demolished and the farmer’s market moved to the smaller lot behind the Del Mar, there’s talk of sweetening the deal to eliminate objections. Fewer parking spaces, more or less housing, library still under or near, etc, etc. And still no defined funding strategy. This is no way to govern.

If the City feels compelled to constantly modify plans which began with a 650-space parking garage and new library tucked underneath, why not do the right thing and put this to a vote? We can put this issue on the November 2022 ballot by signing the Our Downtown, Our Future petition.

– Erica Aitken, Santa Cruz

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