Renovating current library would achieve civic goals

Letter to the SC Sentinel, 5/13/2022

Standing recently in the verdant City Hall plaza with supporters of Our Downtown, Our Future, I was struck by both the power of a great public space and by the insights in the Sentinel’s Ross Eric Gibson essay (“Santa Cruz’s Once and Future Library,” June 14, 2020). Directly across from the plaza stands the downtown library, carefully designed in 1964. The building complements the historic setting of the Center/Church streets’ civic district.

A respectful restoration of the downtown library that has served Santa Cruz for more than 50 years would achieve numerous civic goals, not the least of which would be the enhancement of Civic Center itself. The district would be further improved by introducing a new entrance into the renovated library’s Center Street façade, directly aligned with the City Hall plaza and the Black Lives Matter street mural. Let’s honor history, modernize the library and elevate civic life.

— Stephen Svete, Santa Cruz

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