Repair trust in city government by listening

Letter to the SC Sentinel, 1/26/2022

When a letter writer (Jan. 18) wrote that voters’ trust is eroded and confidence undermined in city governance, she’s correct. But it can be easily repaired by listening.

Santa Cruz voters trust elected representatives and city staff who listen when we say the Farmers Market should remain at its 20-year iconic location on Lot 4, that 10 heritage trees not be cut down to make way for a structure covering the lot’s entire length and breadth. Voters trust when council and staff respect every parking consultant’s advice not to build a new parking garage — it’s not necessary and its funding is tenuous; rather, manage parking better. They trust when the city honors voters’ Measure S approval to renovate the library at its historic location at the Civic Center.

Learn about the ballot petition at Listen to Santa Cruz City voters. Let’s build back trust.

— Lisa Ekström, Santa Cruz

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