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With friends like these, you tell me

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Stephen Kessler.

Op-ed in the SC Sentinel, 4/2/2022

When I returned to Santa Cruz in 2006 after some 16 years away, most of them on the Mendocino Coast, I soon signed up as a dues-paying member of Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. I’ve always supported libraries—librarians are among my unsung culture heroes—and during my years up north I became a director of Friends of Coast Community Library in Point Arena. The library, at that time an independent grassroots institution not yet affiliated with the county system and renting a tiny house for its collection, was embarking on a fundraising effort to build a new library on a lot just north of downtown. As part of that campaign, I volunteered to overhaul the Friends’ newsletter....

Stephen Kessler’s column appears on Saturdays.

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