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Long before the mixed use project was approved in July, 2020, we enjoyed meeting downtown at the Farmer's Market, or for a visit to our Library.  Valued community places are integral to a thriving city, and as large changes to these places are being planned, we are committed to developing and maintaining community spaces, affordable housing, and a state-of-the-art library.
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Paul Cocking – Gabriella Cafe 
Curt Simmons – Plaza Lane Optometry
Erica Aitken – Rods and Cones
Surf City Billiards – Zack


William Kornblum

Judi Gunstra

Susan Renison

Katherine Beyers

Judy Weaver

Ann Simonton

Micheal Funari

Gerda Endemann

Daniel Mollner

Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias

Peter Weiss, Ph.D

Ronan Boznar

Ara Johnson sends us a message
Keep the lot as a Farmer's Market!!

It seems the City is not listening to the people.

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And what about climate change?

The recent IPCC report says that we need to make drastic cuts to our greenhouse gas emissions As Soon As Possible. In Santa Cruz county most of the emissions come from cars. So instead of continuing as usual, we need to strongly discourage the prevailing "Car Culture" by not building more garages and not widening highways. Instead we need better public transportation and safer bike lanes. Electric cars will help but aren't affordable for lots of workers and won't reduce congestion.

If we fail to reduce emissions the future for our young people will be dire.

- Pauline Seales,
Climate Action Network