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Our Downtown, Our Future

Convening Community — Education, Discussion, Action

The votes have been cast and counted.

Measure O did not pass but it gave our community a direct vote on
key city planning issues that affect our future.

We currently face a MASSIVE redevelopment of Santa Cruz.
What we build matters.  Where things are matters.  
How things are decided  that will be set in concrete for generations  matters immensely.

We therefore plan to continue to engage politically on issues that matter for our community.
Big Development poured funds into paying for the opposition's aggressive and fact-devoid campaign to stop Measure O.  ​

If we are to survive and thrive in Santa Cruz, we must stop the trajectory vested interests have planned for our future.  Our land downtown is incredibly valuable.  They know this more than anyone and they don't want the community to decide how we use it.  
The Sierra Club and urban planners see what is at stake for both our climate and functional downtown landscape.  

Many community organizations joined together with the Sierra Club, urban planners, and librarians.  We hired a highly accredited law firm to write Measure O: securing the best uses for our publicly-owned lands downtown into the future.

Community-centered urban planning matters.  
That is the Heart of Measure O

YES to community-centered Measure O

What people are saying -

"In 2016 and 2018 the Sierra Club urged the City of Santa Cruz to reject plans for a large parking structure downtown that would include a new library and housing on the Cedar Street parking lot—the long-time home of our weekly Farmers Market... Unfortunately, the City is moving forward with plans to demolish the existing downtown library and build a combined parking, housing, and library  facility on the Cedar Street parking lot, and move the Farmers Market to a location on Front Street... There is a coalition that is working to change the direction of the City’s proposal to build a hybrid parking–library–housing development..."
Sierra Club Endorsement Seal_Color.png

Yes on Measure O: achieve community health by realigning our City's decisions on how to use our public land and funds.

Renovate the library in its historic location where it was designed by Carnegie to be part of civic life - clustered with the Civic Auditorium and City Hall.

We passed Measure S in 2016 to improve and repair our libraries, with the Downtown Library being central to the campaign.

YES to the beautiful renovation plans that complete that promise.

YES to a much better option for our library's children's area with renovation.


YES to repurpose and reuse - for environmental responsibility with dramatically less embodied carbon.

Library Renovation.png
Our Downtown Our Future Farmers Market.jpg

The Farmers' Market and Antique Fair have experienced decades of success at their current location.

These events activate downtown culture on days they are open.  YES to that expanding.

YES to ending the threat of moving these hallmarks of our downtown culture.

YES to tending the deep roots our community and heritage trees have grown here.

YES to securing and improving public open space where it already works.

YES to a town commons where it will benefit businesses and our community the most.

House people not cars.  Don't risk or delay affordable housing by attaching it to an unfinanced garage.  


We need affordable housing.  Luxury hotels, more parking garages, and expensive apartments are not the best use of available City-owned parking lots. 

When intense development is threatening the livability of our city, public land should be used for the public good.

YES to reserving 8 publicly owned lots downtown for affordable housing.

YES to more affordable housing than the City's current plan for Lot 4 (Farmers' Market lot).

Urban Street
Our Downtown Economics of Parking.png

The City's "Library Mixed-Use Project" began with another proposed parking garage.

The City's hired parking consultants said:

we have a surplus of parking and need better parking management.


Our community said: 

NO to dismissing the consultants' advice.

NO to our ability to afford the carbon debt.  

NO to a 30 year loan debt we can't afford to build it.

The garage is the largest project element volumetrically.  It is currently unfinanced and would come with the greatest debt.  Yet it is either completely omitted or downplayed in the City's marketing of their project proposal.

A growing coalition of community members, organizations, and urban planners are providing evidence - Measure O is a better way to achieve affordable housing, a beautiful library, and community event space, for a thriving downtown.

Endorsed By

Organizations & Businesses

Y4CJ Logo.jpg
Sierra Club Endorsement Seal_Color.png
The Sierra Club
Gabriella Cafe
, Paul Cocking
People's Democratic Club
Soif Wine Bar
, Patrice Boyle
Santa Cruz for Bernie
Campaign for Sustainable Transportation
Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
Santa Cruz Sentinel
, Editorial Board (read their endorsement)
Youth For Climate Justice
Downtown Commons Advocates
Don't Bury the Library
East West Acupuncture Clinic & Herb Center
, Leslie & Michael Tierra
Spokesman Bicycles, Wade Hall
reImagine Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Tomorrow

Plaza Lane Optometry, Curt Simmons, Jennifer Buell
Berdels, Bubb Rader
Rods and Cones, Erica Aitken
Save Neary Lagoon
Go Ask Alice, Nicollette Ammerman 
Thrifty Cuts Barber Shop, Loretta Sapino
Windmill Farm, Ronald Donkervoort (Farmers' Market Vendor)
Picture Appeal, Kirk Garber
York Framing Gallery, Robin Lerios

Elected Officials

Katherine Beiers, Former Mayor & Retired Librarian
Jane Weed-Pomerantz, Former Mayor
Gary Patton, Former 3rd District County Supervisor
Sandy Brown, Santa Cruz City Council Member
Celia Scott, Former Mayor
Tim Fitzmaurice, Former Mayor
Chris Krohn, Former Mayor
Bruce Van Allen, Former Mayor & Trustee on the Santa Cruz County Board of Education
Micah Posner, Former City Council Member
Ed Porter, Former City Council Member

Community Members

Barbara Lawrence, Teacher Librarian
Enda Brennan, Attorney at Law, Downtown Commission

William Kornblum, Professor of Sociology & Environmental Studies

Kate Bowland, Midwife

Sean Maxwell

Jan Taniguchi, AJA, Principal Emeritus of STR Partners Architects, Masters in Civil Engineering: MIT
Patrice Boyle, Restauranteur

Len Beyea

Bruce Bratton, Bratton Online

Mark D. Lee, City Planner - Environmental Sustainability

Judith Weaver

John Gamman, Founding Chairperson, SC Downtown Commission Ph.D, Urban Studies & Planning, MIT 
Ann Simonton, Speaker, Activist, Videographer and Writer
Gerda Endemann

Susan Renison, Librarian

Judi Grunsta, Librarian
Daniel Mollner

Lisa Heschong, Author, Architect, and Energy Consultant (retired); Fellow, Illuminating Engineering Society
Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias
Peter Weiss, Ph.D

Ronan Boznar
Mike Funari
Lynne Achterberg
Cynthia Adams
Victor Aguiar
, Environmental Educator/Advocate, Retired - 30 years at Ecology Action

Curt Simmons

Karen Simmons

Paul Albert
Mark Alexander
Magi Amma

Richard Nolthenius, climate science, climate science economics, Cabrillo College Astronomy dept Chair
Jeffrey Arnett
Mary Bailey

Jozseph Schultz

Peter Scott, retired UCSC faculty member, living in Santa Cruz since 1966
Cole Baisch
Elizabeth Ballinger
Desiree Banzhaf
Joyce Banzhaf
Stephen Bare
Jody Bare, artist
Matt Bartlett
Zeke Bean
Jane Becker
, Tax Lawyer
Paul Benjamin
Dakotah Bertsch
, Landscape Architect
David Birnbaum
Kit Birskovich
James Bixler
Susan Blewett
, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional medicine, Holistic Healthcare
Ann Bodine, Retired Professor of Anthropology & Linguistics
Meredith Born, Psychotherapist
John Bost, Retired Professor/Lawyer
Tim Brattan, Executive Director
John Brennan, shamanic practitioner
Teresa Brock
James Robinson
Janet (Jenny) Broome
, Research Manager, Driscolls
Gerald Brown, Professor
Dianne Brumbach
Eva Brunner
, Accounting
Russell Brutsché, Artist/Songwriter
Debbie Bulger
Edmund Burke III
Sheila Carrillo
Susan Cavalieri
Glen Chase
Laura Chatham
Jerry Christensen
Bonnie Christensen
Lin Florinda Colavin
Carol Colin
, Teacher, Activist, Writer
Trician Comings
Keven Cook
, Landscaper
Steve Crisp, Master Guitar Tech/ Luthier
Shelly D'Amour
Ken Dalluge
Glenys Davidson
Norman Davis
Megan Dawson
Stephanie Diaz
Robin Drury
Jennie Dusheck
, Climate writer, SC Climate Action Task Force for 3 years
Lisa Ekström
Anita Elliot, Attorney/Mediator
Jeanie Elliot
Lira Filippini
Melvee Filippini

Sterling Forbes
Lisa Franklin
Susan Martinez
Fred Geiger
Janel Garvin
Cedar Geiger
Chelsea George
Robert Giattino
, Chemical Engineer
Isabel Gilman
Valerie Girsh
, Elementary School Teacher
Mitchell Goldstein
Mary Graydon-Fontana
, Treasurer, Santa Cruz for Bernie
Hilary Green​
Gillian Greensite
Jacquelyn Griffith

Tutti Hacking
John Hall
, Research Professor of Sociology UCSC
Lucretia Hall
Jessie Halland
, Manager at Woodstock's Pizza Santa Cruz
Shelley Hatch
Deborah Hayes
Marlin Henton 
Nita Hertel

Stephen Svete, retired Urban Planner, AICP, LEED AP ND
Consuelo Holguin
Dennis Hostetter
Ingrid Hostetter
Perris Iola
Joel Isaacson
Sandra Ivany
, Photographer
Eduardo Izquierdo, Veterinarian
Gail Jack
Ann Jenkins
Beverly Jennings
Pete Jussel
Batya Kagan
, Therapist
Susan Kauffman
Susie Kavanagh
Martha Keeler
Jo Kenny
Tim Kensit
William Kingsley
Mary Kline
Margie Lafia
, Educator
Judith Laing, retired Professor of Physical Geography
Chris Lang
Joshua Lara
David Laughlin
Susan Laughlin

Claire Lerner
Michael Levy
Dudley Lewis
Rick Longinotti
Rev. Beth Love
, Nonprofit Executive
Rebecca Lundberg
Eugene Markowitz
Mary McGranahan

Stacey Falls, Teacher

Steve Schnaar
Gabe McHugh
Michelle Merrill
Peggy Miles
Gary Miles
Hank Miller
Chad Mitcham
Jim Montoya
Leslie Moore
, RN
Bob Morgan
Jynelle Myatt
Eliose Naman
Gary Niblock
Lynn Nicol
Mel Nunez
Vicki Nunez
Rachel O'Malley​
, Ecologist, professor
Mary Ødegaard
Joy Parker
Denise Parodi
Dyann Paynovich
Don Pearson
Nels Pete Pearson
, Retired. Prior L.E. & detective sgt. City of Santa Clara
Grant Pew
Franco Picarella
Judy Pisano
Christine Pombo
Pratibha Queen
Donna Ramos
Jen Rand
Mathilde Rand
, Retired Principal
Eve Roberson
Lois Robin, MA from UCSB, environmental film maker
Rebecca Rockom, Urban Planner
Dmitrius Rodriguez
Dee Roe
Patrick Rooney
Andrea Rosenfeld
Michael Saint
Freya Sands
, Teacher/ outdoors enthusiast
Joy Schendledecker
Pauline Seales
Dave Shaw
Irana Shepherd
, illustration
Judith Skenazy, Retired Psychologist
Jeffrey Smedberg
Levi Smith
Liz Smith
Randa Sokick
Daniel Sotirhos
, Software Engineer
Rachel Sparks
Jerry Spodick

Erica Stanojevic
Phil Stearns
Pam Stearns
Joshua Stephens
, Internet Service Provider
Gabrielle Stocker
Richard Stover
, Retired astronomer and full-time environmental advocate
Ron Swenson, Solar Developer (City Hall, Police Department, Plantronics)
Owen Tate
Ren Tawil
, Caregiver
Barrie Taylor
Nadene Thorne
Joan DJ Timpany
Carol Tran
Jordan Vascones
, Systems Administrator
Martha Vickers
Brian Voenell
Diane Warren
Eva Wax
Andrea Welles
Dave Welles
Lexi White
Linda Wilson
Deb Wirkman
Susan Worth
, Social Worker
Kathleen Wright
Patricia Wright
Jack Bowers
Juanita Usher
Roberta (Robby) Lavovitz
Willie Wahler

Mary McMillan

Edward Bailey

Nettie Calvin, Graduate Student Researcher, UC Santa Cruz

Unhae Langis

Stephen Pasquini, Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency

Karin Grobe

Maria Mead

Robin Lerios

Angela Marshall

NinaRose Odegaard

Daniel Spelce, Retired Teacher

Naomi Lieberman
Oceano Barrer
Theodora Kerry
Mary Flodin
Joe Jordan
Steve MacDonald
Tess Riordan

Larry Spejna

Cerridwyn McLaglen

Ms Alene Smith

Shelly Errington

Kristen Prestridge
Laura Leet
Dee Vogel

Martha Lynch
William Kingsley

Molly Dragavon

Barbara Diamond

Cathy Calfo

Dax Robinson

Caroline Power

Andy Power

Brett Garrett

Elise Casby

Chris Garcia

Jan McGeorge, retired art teacher

Karimeh Berrios, UCSC

Lisa Coppock

Kristen Sandel

Ellen Scott

Rich Furnish

Ana Paula P. Teeple

Aia Williams

Sunny Sanoff

Marc Franklin, Photographer, Arborist

Susan Monheit, Retired State Water Regulator, Environmental Manger, Ecological Risk Assessor, Water Quality Specialist

Jennifer Kaupp, Psychologist

Celina Malabey

Alain Desouches

Michael Burton

Cassandra Brown, Cassandra Gardens

Over 5,000 Santa Cruzans signed the petition to give our community a real voice
on the future of our downtown. 
Join the grassroots community movement!

Yes on Measure O Santa Cruz. Measure O offers a better way.  Santa Cruz needs real library and affordable housing solutions.  Measure O provides the answer in Santa Cruz.

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