Fact Checking - Housing
Claim From Opponents 
  • This initiative will prevent the 100-125 affordable housing units from being built.
  • You are blocking housing!
Fact Check
The initiative specifically allows for affordable housing to be built on Lot 4, the location of the Mixed-Use Proposal.

Claim From Opponents 
  • You are encouraging housing on Lot 7, which is a pipe dream.
  • We have the funding for housing on Lot 4 and it will be built fast.
Fact Check
  • The Mixed-Use Proposal is complicated by each element needing to be both funded & constructed before housing is move-in ready.
  • The City currently does not have grants awarded for funding the housing.
  • The bond debt for funding the garage would take decades to pay.
  • Let's house people - not cars!
    • The excess parking revenue slated to pay the bond debt would be put in an affordable housing fund.
    • 2 spaces in a parking garage equates to a 2 bedroom unit.
  • The Lot 4 housing can still be built with this initiative, once it is funded.​
Claim From Opponents 
  • Even if the initiative "says" affordable housing can be built on Lot 4, there's no way there is enough room for both the Farmers' Market & housing.​
  • There is no way to save the heritage trees and still build housing here.
Fact Check
The housing can be built exactly where planned.
  • With ground level underneath being "sheltered", interior Farmers' Market/Downtown Commons space for events and community use.
  • ​More housing possible than current plan
    • Without 3 levels of parking garage
    • Keep 1 level of sheltered open space for market/commons
    • Freeing up 2 levels for more housing​
  • Provides infrastructure for Farmers' Market.
  • This would also save most of the big heritage trees
    • They are on the opposite side of the lot.
    • The housing development's articulation design can also accommodate some of the ones on that side of the lot.

Housing Works W/ ODOF Initiative 

Sharing Space on Lot 4
Mixed-Use Proposal Components
Mixed-Use Side View.png
Mixed-Use Blocking.png
Remove Library
Keep Housing
Remove Commercial
Remove 3 Level Garage
Add 1-2 more levels of housing
Ground Level -Sheltered Downtown Commons Infrastructure
Mixed-Use Proposal
Side View