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Our Vision & Community Campaign

We envision a community with a voice in how our future is shaped - starting with our downtown.  Santa Cruz residents should have direct influence and engagement with this process.  This measure is for you - our neighbors -  we finally have the right to vote on the future of our downtown.

4 Elements Of Citizen's Measure O

This Citizen's measure has four main elements that would initiate progress toward community goals. If passed, the General Plan and Downtown Plan would be amended as necessary to implement these elements.

 Historic Public Library Renovation

Our community can retain a sense of place while saving money.  A community cherishes the places that are the hallmarks of the town and the witnesses of its history.

Passing this initiative would ensure that our library, in its place for over 100 years, would be upgraded rather than entirely replaced at another location. 

A Downtown Commons

Our City needs open green space to move and breathe.  This is especially important while we increase our population density downtown.

Passing this initiative would keep the Farmers’ Market where it is on Lot 4, saving 10 Heritage trees and laying the groundwork for a green community space - a downtown commons.

NO!  To Another Parking Garage

Passing this measure would prevent construction of an unnecessary parking garage that is currently planned and the massive bond debt needed to finance it.

This would free up parking revenue to build more affordable housing.  Let's help our City better prioritize our limited finances, while also saving our streets, and our air - from a burdened future.

Affordable Housing

Urban Street
We don't need luxury hotels and expensive housing on our publicly-owned lots downtown.  This measure would only allow 100% affordable housing to be built on specific community-owned parking lots, should they be developed above the ground level.

It would also reallocate the funds from parking revenue to create a funding stream to build it.
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