A 'visionary' plan for downtown and library

Letter to the SC Sentinel, 3/19/2022

The diversity of Santa Cruz residents defines us. Our diverse population overwhelmingly passed Measure S – to update our historic library – with a vision for a modernized, 21st century library that would transform our Civic Center. It’s an opportunity to invigorate the Center where our City Hall, Civic Auditorium, and Library join together music and culture, education and governance. Valuing sustainability and the environment characterizes us as well. As architects understand: the greenest building is the one that is renewed, not wasted. The renovation design is completed; let’s begin.

This vision rejects the city’s plan to cover over our largest public space downtown with eight-stories of concrete, cutting down the magnificent old trees. Let’s reimagine the Farmers’ Market Lot as a central, open event and gathering place – filled with families and visitors.

A downtown green plaza, reinvigorated City Center and Library, affordable housing near open space – visionary.

— Robert C. Morgan, Santa Cruz

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