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Comedy Nite at the Taj Garage Towers

Stephen Kessler.

Article in the SC Sentinel, 8/27/2022

Those mixed-use librarians, housing mavens and garage attendants are such jokers that they’ve added a comedy club to the childcare center and homeless hangout among the ever-mutating features of the visionary edifice they’ve imagined rising in downtown Santa Cruz on the last remaining square feet of open space. The club, whose comedians are hand-selected from auditions before the Downtown Affordable Comedy Advisory Committee, will showcase a troupe of naked emperors in a theater of burlesque cruelty.

One of their best jokes is that Measure O, the Our Downtown Our Future initiative on the November ballot, is a sinister conspiracy plotted “behind closed doors.” That’s hilarious because the nearly 5,000 signatures gathered for that measure were collected almost entirely out of doors in public venues like the Wednesday farmers market on Lot 4, which is where the jokers plan to build their mixed-use club...

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