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Letter | Tree removal notice for Lot 4 a ‘shameful … stunt’

By Letters to the Editor | Santa Cruz Sentinel October 26, 2022 at 5:00 a.m.

We’ve reached a new low when a notice to remove Lot 4’s Heritage trees is posted just before election day when passing Measure O will save them. The irony is that the removal notice is initiated by the San Jose affordable housing developer that will profit if Measure O fails. What arrogance. In the very doubtful event that the city finds funding for the project, housing will not even begin construction until the massive parking structure is built because it is meant to perch on top of the structure. We are talking years.

This tree removal notice is a shameful, arrogant political stunt. It is time to assert ourselves and vote Yes on O, if not for the trees then for the sake of transparency and honesty.

— Erica Aitken, Santa Cruz

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